Coreheim Testimonials

“Coreheim is a well balanced game with deceptively simple rules, that allow for a lot of tactical depth. That’s a rare thing.”
Erik R., Germany

“I just discovered Coreheim, and i must say that i am greatly impressed!”
Lerak 92, Belgium

“Since our group switched to Coreheim, we’ve completely stopped playing normal Mordheim and now everyone seems to enjoy it more. I’d seriously consider checking it out.”
Daniel W., USA

“Mordheim’s strength has always been the aspect of play where your warband gains experience and suffers injuries as you continue to play it. Unfortunately the customizability and organic warband evolution was tempered by a clunky system and obtuse rulebook. So we decided to give Coreheim a try. … Overall it was a fun night of gaming. Our first stab at the Coreheim rules went well enough to try them again in the future.”
Dankelzahn, USA

“If you want a tactically complex game with a great deal of strategy where you won’t lose because a single die roll came up wrong, play Coreheim.”
Peter N., Great Britain

“I’ve been playing Games Worksop games and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on and off for some years, and my friends and I have recently started a new Mordheim campaign. … [Coreheim is] the clearest set of rules I have ever encountered for any Games Workshop game.”
Lacan X, Great Britain

“I am a fan. We are playing Coreheim and I like it. I am an Undead warband. In Mordheim the only thing that i always do is Vamp Vamp and Vamp, all the other minis are back… But in Coreheim it all fits together.”
Christopher G., Peru

“We are playing quite a good bit of Coreheim and great work on the rules! They work really well.”
King Sonne, Denmark

“We’re playing a Coreheim Campaign … Great work in designing the rules!”
Pasko K., Peru

“First of all I would like to thank You for a great job, putting the rules together, the game is more fun than it ever was + you banished Tilean Marksman for which I will be forever grateful.”
Ludek P., Czech Republic

“Most of the house rules implemented in Mordheim groups nowadays originated with Coreheim. … And it appears that even Games Workshop snatched an idea or two from you guys.”
Wcarl0ve., Great Britain

“I want to thank you for Coreheim — I’ve never played Mordheim before, but I’ve read about it on forums for ages, and your version seems to clear up a lot of the ambivalence I’ve seen about some of the rules in an elegant way. Thanks to that, I’ve been motivated to start a campaign and I’m in the process of rounding up people so, hey, feel cool.”
Samuel G., USA

“As an experienced Mordheim player I have to say that Coreheim fixes all of the broken stuff. … On top of that, every warband has more than one viable build, and all of the weapons options seem good in certain situations. Overall I find that pretty impressive and I must recommmend it.”
Cerion, Denmark

“I came across your website by accident. I have been playing Mordheim for about 5 years and was very disappointed that GW does not support it. It is a great game. Anyway, I started reading your rules and was really impressed with what you all came up with. Great job!”
Johann F., USA