A New and Fresh Portrait of an INTJ

  • This portrait is about the INTJ personality type in Jung’s typology.
  • If you do not know what type you are, take a professional free MBTI test here.

nietzsche INTJs are independent, purposeful and resolute people. They see many opportunities and have clear and specific ideas about how the options should be implemented. They proceed to work with determination and vigor.

INTJs are very independent and once they’ve thought something through from idea to result, their propensity to implement it in their own way is ferocious. INTJs are usually strong and structured long-term “system builders” with a sense of organization. They see opportunities for improvement in all areas, both at work and in the private arena.

In the communication and interaction with others, INTJs primarily focus on their competence and on the project that they bring to the table. INTJs are are happy to discuss something if they feel that the other party is as competent as they are and that the other party may challenge them analytically. Otherwise, they lose interest quickly and pull coolly back from the contact.

INTJs have great confidence in their own ideas and vision, combined with strong driving forces to realize their goals in an independent and sometimes single-minded way. This means that they can appear as unwilling to listen to alternative proposals or views. This entails the risk that others may pull away feeling that they have hit a “wall” of stubbornness.

INTJs would therefore do well to cultivate a greater willingness to listen and a greater patience with the ideas of others. INTJs are strong in the idea phase and they are blessed with ample amounts of critical logic, but this may also lead to them to neglect the value of practical sense and reservations. INTJs can really gain a lot by clearly showing that they appreciate other people and their contributions and to express that in writing or speech more often.

INTJs in activity and work:

  • Have a clear vision and strong views on how to put it into practice
  • Have the propensity to design systems and plans
  • Like to be in a leading role
  • Have a case-oriented, demanding and sometimes harsh leadership style
  • Put great pressure on both themselves and others
  • Show great perseverance and drive to get things done
  • Fight stubbornly for their views and do not like being corrected
  • Are blind to the effect that their behavior and style can have on other people
  • Scare others with their self-confidence and tenacity
  • Criticize but rarely praise

INTJs are often independent, innovative and perceptive people with great persistence, and they are driven by their many great thoughts and ideas. They can handle even the most complex material and are skilled strategists. They are very forward-looking and excel at getting a complete overview of things. They have a good intuition, which they trust. They do better on their own than in groups, and they don’t like being told what to do. They love being exposed to different theoretical challenges. They become impatient when they are around confused and inefficient people. Other people see INTJs as reserved and ingenious originals.