Nazi Germany’s Characterization of the Danish People

(1) The Dane possesses a strong national feeling. … Therefore, avoid everything that can hurt his national pride.

(2) The Dane is liberty-loving and self-conscious with regard to his own standing. He resists the use of compulsion and attempts to command him. He lacks a sense of military hardship and authority. Therefore: Tone down attempts to subordinate him; do not shout, such things only fill him with resentment and are without effect. Enlighten and convince him in an impartial manner. A humoristic tone comes out ahead. …

(3) The Dane possesses much peasant-cunning and unconventionality bordering on the unreliable.

(5) The Dane loves a cosy mood and home life. You win him over by friendliness and small acts of consideration and attention; by recognition of his person.