Star Wars Episode VIII Leaked Script

Film is called Echoes of the Dark Side.

The film is similar to The Godfather 2, in the respect that there are several flash back sequences.

Act I

Finn is on a mission to undercover a secret plot that the first order has been planning, he is on his way to meet some mobsters on an underworld type of planet.

Leia is attending a memorial for the people killed on Hosnian Prime, including the leader of the Republic.

There is much controversy over whom should take over as the Leader, the public is divided on Leia. Especially since it is well known that her father was Darth Vader.

Poe is in attendance and in charge of her protection.

Luke is hesitant to train Rey. He speaks with Anakin/Obi Wan/Yoda as force ghosts whom try and convince him to train her.

Act II

Finn upon discovering that the First Order are planning a massive assassination of all the Republic leaders(including Leia), tries to warn the Resistance but is stopped short by Captain Phasma, whom is playing much more of a Boba Fett styled role in the film.

The First Order/Kylo & The Knights of Ren strike against the leaders at the memorial, killing all except Leia(whom is heavily injured and placed in a coma).

The Resistance led by Poe Dameron barely escape, and they retreat to a Resistance Base which is actually a Ship.

The Galaxy is in complete chaos, after essentially all planets losing their leaders and the Republic being destroyed in an instant.

Laura Dern’s character takes over as the Resistance leader, but her tactics are controversial.

Luke sensing what happened to Leia finally agrees to leave the planet with Rey.

In order to find the rebel base they must find Finn, whom knows the location.

They arrive at the underworld planet to rescue him from Captain Phasma.


Kylo Ren senses his mother in a coma and it starts to make him heavily question his actions, it seems that Leia in her coma is able to speak to him directly and it is nearly driving him into madness.

Snoke belives Kylo can’t handle killing his own mother, so he decides to have Benico Del Toro’s character hunt for the rebels. Del Toro is a ruthless mercenary commander hired by the First Order. He is referred to as The Hunter.

Kylo is assigned to capture Rey and bring her to Snoke.

Luke and Rey are split up, Luke eventually rescues Finn.

Rey battles Kylo and again almost kills him until he destracts her with a reveal. He cuts off her arm. “No, Luke is your father”. Luke had told her he wasn’t up until this point, and just said her parents were dead.

Act IV

Laura Dern’s character decides to attack the First Order in full force, which proves to be a trap setup by them to find their coordinates, she is killed.

The Resitance Base is ambushed by Benico’s team and Poe and the remainding pilots must try and defend the Ship, some of the pilots even sacrificing themselves infront of blasts to protect their last stand.

Finn fights Captain Phasma, and narrowly escapes.

Kylo is about to leave with Rey when he hears Luke.

Kylo and the Knights of Ren attempt to battle Luke, but they can’t come close to his power. There is no question about how powerful Luke is.

Luke has a line referencing his “fallen padawans”.

Finn steals shield codes from one of the local gangs and has BB* hack Del Toro’s ship.

Kylo is about to escape with Rey, but leaves her.

Finn rescues Luke/Rey but sacrifices himself and is caught by the local mob.

They eventually escape the Planet on the Falcon, which has Lando piloting.

Lando whom knows the underworld well, had heard rumors of Skywalker returning.


The Resistance hold off Del Toro, but barely escape.

Once the shields are disabled the remainding Resistance literally fly their Ships in his to kill him. It is a very tragic scene.

Leia awakens, and finally sees Luke and speaks with him in a brief but emotional conversation.

She dies.

Poe is now the official leader of what is left of the Resistance.

Luke decides he must train his daughter, and bring Kylo back to the light to defeat Snoke.

Snoke feels that Kylo wouldn’t bring back Rey, he is angered and Hux reports to him that Ren has not returned.

The flash backs show an incredibly creepy scene of Snoke as a young man speaking to Kylo.

Rey’s mother is not revealed.

She was whom left Rey on Jakku. She mind wiped Rey but she was killed and hunted.

The Knights are the former apprentices of Skywalker.

Part of Luke’s isolation has been because he feels the darkness in him after the betrayl, he really hesitates to use his powers. He thought his daughter was dead. But once he realizes she is alive, he can’t admit it to her.


Lando also could have shot down Ren as he escapes, but Chewie stops him.


Once Kylo reveals that Luke is her father, she is shocked why he wouldn’t admit it to her. Kylo then reveals that’s because it was in fact both Rey & Kylo who betrayed him She was never a young girl on Jakku. She was left there to never become a Jedi.

This is why Luke is so hesitant to train her, and doesn’t want to reveal he is her father.

Her mind was wiped to think she had been there since she was a young girl.