How to Start Mordheim

How to get started with Mordheim in 2013:

Q: What is Mordheim?

  • A: It is a tabletop game played with miniatures. Two teams for 15 warriors battle in a ruined city that has been struck by a comet and transformed into an infernal maze of rubble.
  • After each battle your warriors gain experience, gold, injuries and level up. You then buy new weapons, more warriors etc. and fight again.
  • It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the people who like it tend to get extremely hooked.

Q: Do I need the old Mordheim rulebook from 1999?

  • A: No. The old printed rulebook is outdated and replaced by an internet .pdf called “The Living Rulebook”.
  • But even the “Living” Rulebook (which is no longer updated) is outdated in the eyes of many players and there are other, newer, versions of the game that are freely available, such as Heroheim or Coreheim.

Q: Do I need the old Mordheim boxed game?

  • A: Again the answer is no. The box doesn’t really contain anything other than the aforementioned obsolete print rulebook, some cheap-ass cardboard buildings, old  Free Company-sprues and old Night Runner-sprues. Those plastic designs are 14+ old and have long been surpassed by other products on the market.

Q: What is the difference between Mordheim, Coreheim, Heroheim, and HeimHeim?

  • In 1999 Games Workshop released the skirmish game Mordheim.
  • In 2004 they stopped supporting it.
  • 2008 saw the release of the Coreheim ruleset, which has grown and become well-known.

But many players do not like Coreheim because it:

  • Is too concerned with balance and does not have enough soul.
  • Deviated too much from classic Warhammer rules.

Q: Do I need the official Mordheim miniatures?

  • A: No. Any generically-themed fantasy miniatures will do. The contemporary range for Warhammer Fantasy Battle can also be sued.

Q: What will I need then?

  • A: You will need only 15-20 models per side. These models do not have to be from Games Workshop, as other firms produce models of comparable quality and at half price.
  • However, the big challenge for your group is to get enough terrain to make the ruined city.
  • Here is a simple tutorial on how to make ruined building for less than £5.