Official Coreheim FAQ

Q: Do you need Weapons Training to use Lance?

A: Yes. The only warrior who can use it from the start is the Freelancer Hired Sword.
This is confusing to some, but actually just copied over from normal Mordheim.


Q: A model is armed with a club and a sword and has the whirlwind skill. The model also has I 3. when you elect to have the combat resolved through whirlwind does that mean one attack is at I 4 (sword) and one attack at I 3 (club)?

A: Yes. A Model can have two I values because of this.


Q: Whirlwind and striking first for charging: If an enemy model charges my model with the whirlwind speed skill and both models have the same Inititative, does the charging model strike first or would it be a roll off?

A: Roll-off: Striking in I-order replaces the normal strike order.
Chargers striking first is part of the normal strike order.


Q: Magical Movement and Shooting. A goblin armed with a short bow half moves. Then in the shooting phase the shaman casts the “here we go” spell and the goblin with the bow half moves again. Does the goblin get to shoot this turn?

A: Yes, because not getting to shoot is a rule that is directly conditioned upon having made running move that turn. Since the goblin made no running move (but only two half-moves) it is legal for the goblin to shoot this turn.


Q: Can flagellants gain BS points? They start with a – for their BS skill but as they are humans their max BS can be 7. Just wondering if they can be improved or not.

A: No improvement. The – is to prevent the player from gaining a useless upgrade. Though if the player WANTS to have a BS increase, I see no problem with that.


Q: If somebody declares a charge against a unit that is both out of sight, and requiring a climbing test, which initiative test do you take first (the ‘do I see’ test, or the ‘can I climb’ test?).

A: Whatever comes first in the charge path (climb or corner).


Q: If you can climb but cannot see, do you still move forward the four inches for a failed charge?

A: Yes but stop before getting within 1″ so you’ll be a sitting duck for your opponent next turn.


Q: What about in the opposite circumstance?

A: If you can see but not climb, then stop where you would have climbed up/down.


Q: If you fail one initiative check, do you still have to take the second?

A: Depends. If you stop because you fail the climb test, then you don’t move any further, but if you stop because you fail the look-around-corners test then you may still be moved towards the place where you will climb as part of the “moved 4″ towards target” mechanic. In such a case, take a climb test unless successfully climbing up/down would place you within 1″ of an enemy (as that would trigger close combat.)

In either case, failing any one of these checks always results in a failed charge.