Dr. Dre Quotes

Dre: “A lot of people have tunnel vision. … That’s bullshit. Change has to happen.”

Dre: “People [who repeat themselves] have a child’s brain.”

[Asked about gangster rap:]
Dre: “[Let’s] move on. … How many times can you kill people on a record? How many times can you say ‘motherfucker’? It’s time to move on and come up with some new shit.”

Dre: “It’s easy to make a hip hop record … which means that there are going to be more idiots involved, which means that [we] are going to have some problems.”

Dre: “I try to reinvent myself. … [I’m always] trying new things.”

Dre: “[Ideas have to take you] somewhere out of your normal character.”

[Asked about rappers dissing each other in the music magazines:]
Dre: “Come on with that – I want to read some intelligent shit.”

Dre: “When I go in the studio I can’t have any limitations. I have to be able to take the music anywhere it can possibly go.”

Dre: “Me and Snoop are always, like, nonstop ideas when we’re together.”