Great Scientific Big Five Test

Big Five tests on the internet are a dime a dozen. But most of them are really just rubbish. The Big Five system itself, though, is actually pretty good. It is commonly considered the most scientific framework for the study of personality in existence, if not the only scientifically acceptable personality test in existence.

Great Scientific Big Five Test

I have personally tried many online Big Five tests that all purport to be accurate, free, scientific, tested, etc. But most of them quite simply aren’t. They’re made by amateurs with little understanding of personality testing. That’s why I was glad to find this test, which actually was quite accurate and based on actual, scientific, peer-reviewed studies made by real scientists. It was pretty interesting to see my results, both in the form of the feature that matches your personality with a famous movie star, but also the scientific data about how you use your phone, how your home has been decorated, and what you are really like. Those were interesting insights, which I will be saving on my hard drive for my own future reference. Yeah.

Generally, the Big Five system of personality has been tested by scientists for almost 50 years and the framework is considered to be extremely well-validated. Through continued criticism and optimization, a more and more precise scientific framework has been arrived at, which is just now beginning to be related to genes and biology.

In December 2013, a Harvard University twin-study revealed that as much as 40% of your adult political opinions is related to your genetics, and not something that is a result of a process of thinking or something similar. That’s right, you were, to a large extent, born to think what you do on most political issues – you were predisposed, as the scientists say.

While there is a sizable crowd on the internet that adheres more to the MBTI Test than the Big Five framework, the popularity of the MBTI test should perhaps be seen as a manifestation of its positive outlook. In the MBTI, there are no negative types (although some types are commonly thought to be more desirable than others). With regards to the Big Five system of personality, though, lots of people want to be high in Openness, high in Conscientiousness, and low in Neuroticism. Which could be said to be like an NJ type in the MBTI system.

However, most people are not necessarily like that. It is only by actually taking the Big Five personality test and carefully reviewing and reflecting on your scores that you can really find out what you are like. It is chiefly by being critical, i.e. only accepting the best, most accurate tests that you will be delivered the most reliable results, which you can then use in your process of self-discovery.

Since you are dealing with something as important as your own personality, it is wise that you take the time to find out where you can get the best online tests. Personally, the test that I linked to in bold is the most accurate and reliable that I have yet found.