Political Compass and Political Coordinates Tests

Politics tests like the Political Compass and the Political Coordinates tests are hugely popular. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that the oldest and most popular of these tests, the political compass is biased for leftism and uses weasel words and leading questions to make almost everyone who takes the test come out as left-wing. In general newer quizzes are much better at avoiding such unscientific bias, but unfortunately, with the way the internet works, it’s very hard to turn these things around because the oldest tests will have the most backlinks. In general the Political Coordinates test is the most neutral and unbaised of the tests reviewed online. And like the older tests available, like the Political Compass, it is available in foreign languages like Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish as well.

In these times where politics is tearing us apart and becoming more and more frequent as the topic of discussions on Facebook and Twitter, it is important to understand how we are different in our political outlooks and morals. While a deceptive test can only lead us more astray and confuse is, a genuinely unbiased test can really help us understand and perhaps even appreciate our differences more. It is therefore important that universities, schools and teachers who want to use a good Political Compass in their teaching do not succumb to the temptation of using misleading and biased texts, but that they use the real unbiased ones. Otherwise they will be perpetuating the problem explained by Joanathan Haidt, PHD, about left-wing teachers not making room for right-wing politics at campus.