Teddy Roosevelt: ENTP or ESTP?

  • In the Big Five system, people also tend to rate him right in the middle of high O (N) and low O (S).
  • His “intuitive” activities tended to have a utilitarian purpose, such as the museum, his study of naval power, etc. – Generally speaking, knowledge for knowledge’s sake did not seem to hold the same sway over him. Knowledge for knowledg1e’s sake seems more the domain of the Si/Ne types, whereas knowledge for utilitarian purposes seems more the domain of the Se/Ni types.
  • Conversely, while his intuitive pursuits were utilitarian, his sensory pursuits were not. To give one example, his entire family looked down on his candidacy and his familiar manner with all sorts of men. ENTPs have this hidden shadow tail of Si that drags them back towards conventionality and caution, even in the midst of something so jaw-dropping as Benjamin Franklin and Da Vinci’s productions there is still some counter movement in them, some secret wish for an egalitarian brotherhood of man. You can also see it in Obama: He’s commander in chief, but really bad at sticking out as a leader. From what I understand, TR had no such problems assuming the role of head honcho and leader of men.
  • ESTP thus seems more likely.